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Rooted Worship

Rooted Worship is TOR’s Choir Department constructed of young talented and anointed workers who sing and play instruments and love to minister to Jesus and about Jesus!


We love to call this department the “Face Of TOR” This department is constructed of young workers who are all for serving the kingdom and its people! They plan church events, cook food, Usher and Welcome people to church and so much more!

Creative Media

This Department is composed of young Workers who put their creative minds together to capture everything that goes on in TOR from Praise and Worship to Sermons to Events all for the world to see!

Ubers For The Lord

“Need a Ride to Church? Call UFTL” This is our Transportation Department constructed of young workers who sacrifice their time, vehicle, and gas to make sure everyone has a chance of making it to church every Sunday!

Ablaze Ministry

This is TOR’s Ministration Department constructed of young creative workers who take life and Bible stories and bring them to life with Drama Skits, Spoken Word, Prophetic Dances and so much more!

Outreach Department

This is TOR’s Outreach Department constructed of young workers who are on fire to serve the community of Lubbock and evangelize the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Vessels of God

This is TOR’s Prayer/Intercessor/Sermon Department constructed of young workers being used by God to Preach the Gospel and the Word Of God, Pray for the church and the kingdom, and intercede on behalf of God’s People!


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